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From the moment we receive your laundry, it remains in
our possession for the entire cleaning and pressing process.

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We can handle all dry cleaning and laundry needs, from elaborate couture outfits down to a simple business shirt.

Not enough hours in a day? We have the solution, jump on the route for free pick up and delivery 2 days a week.

Confident in your clean but also fantastic in your fit. Come in for a simple hem or a complete tailor makeover.

Too many chores? Give us us your fluff and we let us turn your dirty laundry into free time.

Nothing like crawling into bed under a freshly cleaned comforter or even better freshly pressed sheets. We don’t stop there over the holidays or anytime those pesky tablecloths and napkins are our pleasure to clean and press.

Every bride wants to remember her special day like it was yesterday even if it is 30 years later. Eddie’s allows you to do so with their wedding gown preservation so you can look at that dress years down the road to reminisce or pass it on to someone else.

Keep you mood fabrics just like the day you bought it!


Tampa is our home.

Eddie’s Custom Cleaners opened in Tampa, Florida, 2001. We’re a family-owned business, and pride ourselves in providing a higher level of dry cleaning and service to our quality customers in South Tampa for over 20 years. Our mission is simple: provide quality work for quality people!

Laundry day just got a
whole lot easier!

We know you’re time is valuable, and we do our best
to make pick-up as quick and efficient as possible.

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Community Outreach.

We’ve been a part of the Tampa community for over 20 years. Eddie’s isn’t looking for recognition on making a difference but would love to know it’s had a hand in making a difference in someone’s life or cause.

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